LWYRS advocaten arbeidsrecht work together with Margareth van Dommelen. After studying Communication at the Ichthus College in The Hague, Margareth van Dommelen completed her studies in Dutch Law (specialising in Employment Law) at the University of Amsterdam in 2014. For several years Margareth van Dommelen has been working as a legal personnel consultant under the name Van Dommelen MKB Advies. The combination of employment law specialist and personnel adviser means that Margareth has an excellent sense of what an organization needs.

Margareth is a practical legal consultant. She focuses on small and medium-sized companies as well as on private individuals who need legal advice in relation to employment law and who may wish to have it carried out. For example, she can legally check and draw up employment contracts, terms and conditions of employment, supervise and negotiate settlement agreements, draw up personnel files and supervise performance and assessment interviews.

In addition to the sound legal knowledge with which Margareth advises and supports, she also has a feel for the way in which people communicate. Communication takes place in an efficient, targeted, clear and understandable way. Margareth's advice is pragmatic and easy to implement without being unnecessarily complicated.

If a case requires the use of a specialism other than employment law, LWYRS advocaten arbeidsrecht have close cooperation with specialised lawyers.

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