Labour law

Do you, as an employer or employee, have a problem with labour law? LWYRS advocaten arbeidsrecht will solve it. Whether it's an employment conflict, inadequate performance, dismissal, director under the articles of association, reorganisation, social plan, co-determination, incapacity for work, employment contract, collective labour agreement, flexible employment relations, non-competition clause, transfer of undertaking or privacy. Ranging from advice to negotiation to litigation.

What distinguishes LWYRS advocaten arbeidsrecht from other firms? We do not start with the law book, but with the solution. We are aware that a client usually gets caught up in a problem unintentionally and does not want to legalise it further. Clients are usually looking for a solution to a problem. And if the law can play a role in that, fine. In every case, we ask ourselves: how are we going to solve this? Our working method is proactive, dynamic, creative and to-the-point. Result-oriented with a careful balance between effort, cost and result. An important aspect here is that legal advice can be put into practice immediately.

We combine an open mind to work in a solution-oriented way with the decisiveness to actually get things done, to bring them to a successful conclusion. Or, as the English say, 'to close cases'. That is what we stand for. Because there are already enough ordinary law firms.

LWYRS. Open minds close cases.

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