Petra excels not only in quality but also in speed. As an entrepreneur and investor, I value speed without compromising on quality. Without exception, she provides quality and to the point advice at a transparent and very reasonable rate. 

- Edward de Jager, Entrepreneur and Investor -

Petra has been a great help and support in advising and supporting me within her field of expertise, employment law, for 22 years now. From my recommendation, my network also makes frequent and successful use of her knowledge and expertise. Key words that characterise Petra are: thorough, transparent, knowledge, professionalism, result-oriented, pragmatic and sharp. But above all a fantastic personality who makes working together on complex files inspiring. Given my very pleasant and positive experiences with Petra, I am of course always available to provide additional information about her professionalism. 

- Albert Allmers, Finance Factor -

I like working with Petra because she is quick to respond when needed and her solutions and approach are often pragmatic. Petra supports Agium in the field of labour law, whether or not in combination with the development of new propositions in the market. 

- Robbert van Adrichem, Agium -

In all fields, you come across people with knowledge. Sometimes you come across them who already know how to combine knowledge and experience. Rarely do you come across someone who puts knowledge and experience into practice in such a way that you are glad to know them. Petra Willems is such a person. Her ready knowledge and pragmatic approach are a breath of fresh air. 

- Kevin van den Barselaar - Clarus -

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